Monday, April 29, 2013

I like your hotness

I am out from a run. Head home and into the kitchen to see the kids. I have a few layers on because I am always cold. M wants to play go fish so I take off one of the layers now that I am really sweating. M: I don't like your hotness. Me: Well sorry but I was out for a run, not much I can do. T: (Opportunity to be nice when someone was just mean as always) Mommy I like your hotness! (And proceeds to give me a huge hug) Translation of hotness - fresh sweat smell.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Poop Delivery

Weekend morning:

T rolls into my room as I lay in bed after I told her to go to the potty trying to get 5 additional minutes of sleep.

T: 'This was in my potty!'

I though oh god she has poop! But then it dropped on the ground, made a noise, and rolled around. Then I am thinking it is a random toy.

Me: 'Okay give it to me and then go use the potty.'

She gives it to me. I look at it, not sure what it is though it doesn't smell and it is hard. I bring it up to my nose, and yes it is poop.

Nothing like a personal delivery of poop directly to your bed to get you up in the morning.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Just because

Some times you have a long day and it is pictures like this that remind me why I am working so hard.

Monday, February 27, 2012


I have spent some time at the soccer field expecting my son to kick a ball and run around. He sat on the sidelines eating the orange slices and distracting the rest of the kids.

I was the last parent in the pool during swim lessons because he was the only one that wouldn't let his parent exit the pool.

I spent many a days at daycare and school peeling him off of me and going to work with dried buggers and snot on my work clothes and sometimes slightly running mascara from leaving him.

There are a million other examples of my shy and clingy child. There are also a billion other examples of pride and love that I have felt toward him. So this might be a small reward but it filled me with such pride and joy to see his face when he talked about it and showed me his pride.

The 'award'. M brought this home with him. He received the most stickers in one month for being a good listener and a good helper at school.

The picture of the guy with his 2 cent prize. All of the only parent participating and snot melted away and I wanted to yell 'HA!' my kid did that! Yes a bit selfish but it felt good.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Eating disorder at 2?

Saturday night:

T comes out of her bedroom, door slams. Walking upstairs. Door slams again. I head upstairs to see what is going on. She is back in bed so I start to clean a few things up. Then the door opens again. T is standing in the doorway with a bag of pretzels. T hands over the bag.

Sunday morning:

The bag of pretzels is on the counter. T walks by and taps it, looks at me and says:

'Mommy put these up high please because I want to eat them.'

Some background - things that they like and eat when they are not supposed to go up on high shelves. I thought that was pretty funny. Please take it away from me because I can't control myself!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Colored Pencils

We got the kids colored pencils for Christmas. M wasn't doing much drawing or writing any letters and T was a little behind in fine motor skills. Colored pencils were recommended more than crayons and markers for these areas. So each kid received a box in their stocking.

I was very happy/proud when I started to see letters spelling M's name different places:

Then the little one took colored pencils into a timeout. That is a picture of the wall next to the stairs and the actual damage is much large than this picture. Pride was not the word I was feeling:

Monday, January 23, 2012

Can we get a new couch?

M and I are in the car. He is telling me about how he made a bed on the floor because his bed isn't comfortable.

M: My bed isn't comfortable so I made a new one on the floor.

Me: Is it too small?

M: No. The one on the floor is even smaller.

Me: Okay. When we move I was thinking we could get you a new bed. And you could help pick it out.

M: Yeah! Can we get a new couch too?

Me: Maybe, I hadn't really thought about it. Why?

M: So we can jump on it.

Me: Jump on it? You can't do that.

M: Well M2 said that we could jump on his house when he moved into his new house so I want to do that too.

It all makes sense when you have the right context.

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